January 22, 2008

Ken: Hurry Up, Beth. This Is Costing Me Money.

Greetings from the Indian Ocean, where the water is smooth, and deep blue, and beautiful. We departed Viet Nam yesterday, after a long and beastly hot visit to Saigon, and are now enjoying a day of lazy debauchery and unchecked gluttony at sea. A good thing, too, all of this rest is, as we conquer Thailand, namely Bangkok, tomorrow.

We are having a lovely journey. I might update a bit here and there now that I have some to tell, but if not, I will just post when I return to the States in about a week.

Ken has also taken tons of photos, and we are having professional shots taken tonight. It is one of the formal nights for dinner and we are getting all dolled up for the meal. We already got some gorgeous shots of us from another formal night earlier in the cruise; I think that I look miserably large, but Ken looks great and he swears that I look beautiful. Well, that's his job, now, isn't it?