June 21, 2008

A Word Of Warning: Intense Salivation Probable At The Following Website If You Are A Ho For Bargain Basement Cosmetics Like Yours Truly

Introducing Beautycrunch, where you can purchase Stila, Lola, TooFaced and DuWop cosmetics at drastically reduced prices.

Beautycrunch does not feature entire product lines.  Instead, their stock seems to be comprised of overstock items and discontinued goodies.  It didn't matter to me.  I walked away with a basket (well, online basket, that is...a metaphorical basket, if you will) of Stila and TooFaced morsels for fifty bucks, including shipping: a bronzer, and an eyeshadow base, and a lip crayon, and TooFaced's fantabulous Good Girl/Bad Girl palette!

The site also carries products that were not originally offered in the United States.  I bought a bottle of skin balancing lotion by Stila that was sold exclusively in the Asian market.

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