August 1, 2008


My stomach really, really hurts.
Nothing makes it feel better.
Not hot water bottles, not peppermint tea, not fresh papaya, not Maalox, not yoga.
Hurting takes a lot of energy!
I'm exhausted.
I also have been crying off and on all day; partly because I hurt so much, partly because I am stressed out about some stuff, and partly because I am so stressed about hurting so much.
I wish that my tears were a torrent, not a trickle.  
These little fits and starts of drizzle accomplish nothing.
I don't think I can muster up a soul-cleansing, stomach-relieving cry.
Stupid Lexapro.

Not even this picture cheers me up.


  1. *giving you a big hug*

  2. I had the exact same problem on Lexapro. Or rather, I am still having it. I can't cry to save my life. Even when I want to cry, I can't.

    I hope you feel better, sweetie.

  3. Pain is one of the most exhausting things the human body must endure. I am so sorry that you are feeling so lousy, Laura.

  4. tracy malina01 August, 2008

    Oh, hon. HUGS.

  5. Feel better, ya bastard!

  6. My sister always used to say "I'll kick you in the shin really hard and then you'll forget about the other pain" Or you could have someone break your finger for you.

    Hope you feel better. :(

  7. Lexapro made me a raving lunatic. A suicidal raving lunatic. I did lose 15 pounds, because I didn't eat for the two months I was on in. Or sleep.