October 16, 2008

Edie Adams, 1927-2008

An outstanding talent and great beauty, the love of Ernie Kovacs' life.  Miss Adams won a Tony Award in 1957 for originating the role of Daisy Mae in Lil' Abner.


  1. She was incredibly sexy in a kittenish sort of way. My Dad always loved her. He and Mom saw her on Broadway in Lil' Abner sometime in early 1958. Dad always said he couldn't keep his eyes on the action on the stage, he was so busy staring at Miss Adams!

    Thanks for posting this, thanks so much for the memories, I miss you so much, Mom and Dad.

    Thomas Rhiden
    Bridgeport, CT

  2. I'm so pleased to oblige. I can't find any YouTube clips of Edie as Daisy Mae, much to my Daisy Dismay. I have downloaded the Lil' Abner original cast album and have been enjoying that for the past couple of days. I would also recommend the soundtrack for a show called Wonderful Town. Tons of Edie and the extra added bonus of Roz Russell, too. :-)