November 14, 2008

Announcing A Movement At A Touch Of Tuesday Weld: Taking Back Christmas

Are you as fed up as I am by "Christmas Creep," the phenomenon where Christmas begins earlier and earlier each year, as mandated by The Powers That Be (i.e., the money-sucking corporations)?

Here in Phoenix, I know personally of four radio stations that have been playing nothing but holiday music since November 1st.

Safeway, Walmart, and Target are just three of the retail offenders who assault the eyes and ears with CHRISTMASCHRISTMASCHRISTMAS! the second you walk through the door.

And don't turn on your television sets, unless you want to be greeted with a barrage of holiday-themed commercials, each one louder and more obnoxious than the other.

Enough already.  Enough of the cheapening of a beautiful holiday by crass commercialism. Enough of the sacrificing of the meaning of the season by those who seek to prolong it for the sole purpose of chasing another buck.

Keep an eye out around here.  For the next couple of weeks, interspersed with vintage ads and the other Internet oddities, there will be a number of ideas as to how to take back the winter holidays from the Mr. Potters of the world.

"It's like a mini-arms race. The competition among retailers means nobody wants to be second. That moves the shopping season up a little bit more each and every year. Are consumers going to revolt against it? No. Will it get people in a holiday mood? No; people will get in the holiday mood during the holidays. Does it give retailers a chance to set displays up sooner? Sure. Does it make stores more crowded? Yes. Decorations and special displays tend to make stores cluttered and hard for shoppers to move around."  --Dr. Stephen Hoch, Ph.D.

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  1. Hi Laura! I couldn't agree more! Christmas has become a yuck-fest. As early as last week (and probably earlier) Wallgreens was pushing the canned holiday muzak. And I haven't even thrown out my pumpkins yet!