December 11, 2008

I Know For An Absolute Fact That My Mother Still Has This Nestled Snugly On The Shelf In The Coat Closet At My Parents' House

Just in time for Christmas...Christmas 1981, that is.

And is it just me, 
or do these look like the illustrations in "Where Did I Come From?"


  1. That cowboy is definitely bad-touching Pele.


  2. Okay, I *totally* had this catalog. I remember spending hours going over and over the games, notching the corners of the ones I wanted, keeping it close by.

    Of course, the damned controllers - the joysticks, specifically - were always broken, so it was more an exercise in self-induced futility, but hey, those little colored blocks on the screen brought meaning to me at that stage of my life, so what was I to do otherwise? :)

  3. Atari was the first and last video game system I ever had. Just not a gamer I guess. I prefer board games.

  4. ATARI!!!! Oh how I love retro...
    I can't remember what the name of my favorite game was...but I think I was some kind of knight shaped like a CURSOR!
    Ooooh look at my white square swashbuckle!!!