December 15, 2008

She Goes Running For The Shelter Of Her Mother's Little Helper

And who can blame her, with Spock showing up out of nowhere and making this poor woman's laundry room look like the Jefferson Airplane's light show at Monterey Pop?

In honor of cold, rainy, dreary laundry days everywhere.


  1. Wow, I followed you here from Badtux's blog and found out that, not only do you title your blog from a line in a Donald Fagan album but you mention Spock in the first entry. All I can say is that you must be very intelligent and extremely popular.

    (Ghad, it sounds like I'm hitting on you, doesn't it? My apologies.)

    You might add Christmas is Interesting and Chiron Beta Prime by Jonathan Coulton to your Christmas music. Podsafe Christmas Song is full of holiday spirit as well.

  2. YOU KNOW THE SONG! Oh, yes, we're gonna have a wingding...I heard you're mad about Brubeck...he's an artist, a pioneer, we've got to have some music on the new frontier...!

    I swear, if I had a prize to give you, I would!

    Welcome, friend :) And no apologies necessary. You're tame, compared to some of the hooligans and louts who hang out here.

  3. hey, who you calling a hooligan?
    I prefer ruffian or riff-raff, thank you. :)

    PS - I think you need to enable the RSS feed to your blog so when people like me link to it, it can give a synopsis of your most recent post. (See DOUGSPLOITATION'S FAVORITE BLOGS in the right hand column on my blog for an example of what I mean.)

  4. "I'll be watching"

    Creepy spaceman is going to watch your kids (from the bushes?) to make sure their damned clothes are clean, for once. Nice.


  5. Hard choice, but I'd have to say my favorite Fagan lyric would have to be, "Is there gas in the car? Yes, there's gas in the car."

    Don't call me tame 'till you get to know me.

    Hooligans? Don't tell me you're a Bill Hicks fan as well.

  6. Doug, I know, but how do I do it? I've tried and I guess I must be something wrong.

    If only a Spock-like character could show up in my office, all psychadelic-like, to show me the way!