January 24, 2009

In This 1954 Ad, A Chubby Infant With A Freakishly Large Head, Possibly The Progeny Of Screen Legend Van Johnson, Sells Soap Powder

Actually, this baby was probably bought by the good folks at Linit for use in their ads from some poor Appalachian family that already had 23 kids.  Back in those days, families like that were not given their own cable television reality shows!  

And, in true 1950s fashion, the tiny tot was sent packing when The Men In The Grey Flannel Suits determined that Poor Junior's ads no longer rated so high on their Q-Meter.  "Make with the suitcase, Sonny.  It's back to Ole' Rocky Top for you!" said Mr. Wilson, VP In Charge Of "Securing Young Talent" For Advertisements at Fifth Avenue stalwart Dewey, Cheatem, and Horowitz, at an early morning meeting, as he fixed himself his third martini of the day. 

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