February 26, 2009

Exploring The Wonderful World Of Salad Dressing

I love old cookbooks.  One of my favorite things to do is search flea markets for what I can find.  Some of the old books, like this one, have marvelous recipes and tips that have been, well, sort of lost with the passage of the decades.

Of course, some of the recipes are a real hoot, too.  Sure, there's nothing the ladies in your bridge club like more than a fresh asparagus salad...served with ketchup dressing!

Double-click the graphic, as always, if you want a closer view.  

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  1. mollybloomofboson28 February, 2009

    My college-student son and I had my ancient Joy of Cooking out tonight trying to do salmon en croute. Who does homemade puff pastry anymore? I looked at my beloved JOC with it stained, yellowed pages and realized that everything I ever really needed to know about food was between its pages. And it was passing its wisdom to another generation.