March 30, 2009

From 1947: Better Living... Brought To You By The Magic Of Trans Fats

This one's a double-clicker for sure.

I know how much you guys like the old-timey recipes (as much as I do!), and I know that you all have a hankering for some eggs stuffed with liverwurst, but are unsure as to how to make that dream dish come true in your own kitchens.  Well, wonder no more!

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  1. Oh man, you have to pipe the liverwurst-mayonnaise mixture into the egg with a pastry bag, "the kind you use for decorating cakes." I don't know how sophisticated dishwashing technology was in the 40s, but can you imagine what the frosting on the next cake you decorate after making this is going to taste like? That's one way to get the kids less excited about dessert, like brushing their thumbs with Thum Liquid (