March 1, 2009

From 1973: A Touching Tale Of A Mentally Deranged Soul With An Odd Fixation On Lather...And The Millionaire Who Dared To Love Her

Because girls with beautiful hair always land themselves millionaires.
Use Great Body shampoo...and land your meal ticket TODAY!


  1. Don't remember the ad, but the bottles remind me of "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific". I LOVED that shampoo! Do you remember the shampoo called Tame? It had beer in it.

  2. Back in the day, I brought this ad to a hairdresser and told her to give me a haircut just like the woman in the lower right. Needless to say, when she was done, my hair didn't look anything like that. It took many similar crushing blows before I finally came to accept that my frizzy, wavy hair was never going to look as good as the girls' in Seventeen magazine. (deep sigh)

  3. PZR, I can't blame you for trying! That is a really CUTE haircut!