May 12, 2009

The Contents Of My Wallet: $2.67, My Lucky Schlitz Bottle Cap, An Expired Costco Card, And My David Cassidy Fan Club Card

All from 1971 and 1972.
I especially dig the ad where it looks like the dog is sprouting from Mom Partridge's head.


  1. Groovy.

    The Partridge Family Christmas album is still a favorite round my house.

    Apparently there's a yet another new TV version in development.


  2. That makes zero sense on so many levels.

    Case in point: Susan Dey was cast primarily because of her almost-eerie resemblance to Uber-Hippie Chick Music Goddess (and my personal idol), Michelle Phillips.

    We should totally audition, though. You as Reuben and me as The First Chris, the weirdo one, that gets fired and replaced with Hitler Youth Super Aryan Chris.