June 6, 2009

1945 Ad For A&P Supermarkets

I don't like to tease or make too much fun when it comes to wonderful World War II era ads.

This one is particularly interesting, in that it was obviously created after victory had been declared in Europe and Japan.  The menfolk were home, wives everywhere returned to "womanly" concerns like grocery shopping, but darned if a man in uniform or two couldn't be spotted shopping with his best girl in the aisles of your local A&P.

Double-click, as always, for the entire charming ad.  And don't ask me what the "HCL" was.  It looks like a 1940s Noid character of some sort.


  1. Anonymous07 June, 2009

    HCL=High Cost of Living


    Thank you very much, Anonymous! :-)

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  4. I was just at the site of local A&P here on Victory Blvd. in Staten Island. The store amazingly made it into the 90s without any renovations. They still had the old fashioned cash registers. It was like the market that time forget. Sadly, now it is a modern Met Foods store. Whatever that is. God, how I miss Woolworth's, Kresges, McCrory, A&P, Acme and all the old grocery stores and 5-and-10s. Sad.

    While The 99 Cents Only store and Target have their merits, they are just not the same.