August 4, 2009

Slim Down Just In Time For Stan and Linda Facemeyers' Bicentennial BBQ Pool Party


A terrific double-clicker.


  1. Figurines tasted like ass. I remember my mother buying them and my sister trying to force me to eat them (among other things she tried to make me eat like Milk Bones, canned cat food, Meow Mix, fish food, bird seed, hay, etc.) Yeas, we had a lot of pets. Is it any wonder I'm vegan today?

  2. I remember them well myself because Mom was always struggling with her weight. She would "snack" on those when we kids would eat an afternoon treat of cookies or crackers. I was convinced that they were some exotic adult treat. One day, my curiosity got the better of me and I sneaked one. I recall distinctly that I recoiled in horror from the "flavor" and had to spit it out. Ah, but what to do with the Figurine with the little chomp out of it? I would up flushing it down the toilet bit by bit. These were the days before garbage disposals.