September 1, 2009

From 1977: Behold, My Idol, The Extraordinary Michelle Phillips

Songs that were inspired by Michelle:

California Dreamin'
Go Where You Wanna Go
Straight Shooter
Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon)
I Saw Her Again
Look Through My Window
Monday Monday
String Man
Beautiful Girl (The Lovin' Spoonful)
She Don't Care About Time (The Byrds)
Hello, I Love You (The Doors)
Soul Kitchen (The Doors)
She's Like A Rainbow (The Rolling Stones)


  1. That's actually a partial list. I mostly listed the Ms&Ps songs that John Phillips wrote about her. There were plenty more that she inspired without the song actually being about her. There are also some that are absolutely about her: "Hello, I Love You" and "Soul Kitchen" by The Doors are both about her, as Jim Morrison had a whopping crush on her. Mick Jagger was in love with her, too, and "She's Like A Rainbow" is about her.

  2. Ha, The Nightfly's a great album. That line is also how Wendi McLendon-Covey introduces herself on her MySpace page - she played Clemmy Johnson on Reno:911. Hilarious chick.

    Got A Feeling's about Denny and Michelle fooling around behind John's back, does that count? Check out Robbie Greenwald's bio Go Where You Wanna Go: The Oral History of The Mamas and The Papas, if you haven't. Heaps of dirt, all very entertaining. Stuff like famed session drummer Hal Blaine going for John's throat after he was corrected for the 20th time - something he says never happened any other time in his 40+ year career.

    Didn't know that about She's A Rainbow. I really like the Stones' music when they were doing lots of LSD.