December 3, 2009

From 1946-1947: A Capricious Carmine With A Tender Passion! (Hey, Leave Laverne And Shirley Out Of It, Revlon!)

Truly stunning ad.

All of Revlon's ads up through the 2000s have been memorable ones. Unfortunately, the company has made a number of bad management decisions, most recently to eschew their wildly popular advertising with models like Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer in favor of actresses of the moment. The move has backfired for Revlon and very nearly put the former stalwart of the cosmetics industry out of business. Revlon seems to have realized their mistake and recently hired Elle MacPherson as the face of Revlon, but industry insiders feel that it is too little, too late. It's a real shame.

Modeling for Revlon gave a boost to the careers of such notable faces as Lauren Hutton, Shelley Hack, Cindy Crawford, Dorian Leigh, Veronica Webb, Milla Jovovich, Tatjana Patitz, Claudia Schiffer, and Suzy Parker.

Look at that elegant little gift set in the ad!
Wouldn't that be just perfect under your Christmas tree?

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