February 10, 2010

From 1979: The Golden Girl

An absolute gem of a find, Jessica Savitch in her very earliest days at NBC, before she was murdered by The Peacock and Fred Silverman and everything that is false, indecent, untrue and insipid about network television news.


  1. Back when she was on the local news in Philly, she interviewed my mother at a new shopping center that had just opened in Center City-My mother was one of the first customers, and she was thrilled that she was going to be on TV. This would have been some time in 73 or 74...

  2. "Rollercoaster!" "Hizzonner!" Man, those promos are sweet sweet gold.

  3. I know, Rex. I like to hook you guys up with little easter eggs like those every now and then.

    Pax, that is such a sweet story.

    Jessica Savitch's favorite perfume was Shalimar. Her longtime abusive boyfriend and father of her aborted child, Ron Kershaw, used to give her bottles and bottles of the stuff. I can't remember my own Social Security Number, but these little facts, no problem.

  4. Oh, poor Jessica. I remember the night she had that unfortunate news brief when she was critisized for being either out of it or drunk. I remember seeing it and thinking it was a comedy piece (I was 14 at the time).

    She had such a tragic end.

  5. Wow... there is a blast from the past! I loved her, and there were some interesting books that came out about her in the first few years after she died; cant remember names... Golden Girl?

    Thanks for the flashback!