April 6, 2010

It's The Absolute Ultimate!

Just the other night, I watched the very charming Sandra Dee/James Darren film Gidget, from 1959. I really like it. It's rather gooey, with a manic performance from Dee, but I like it in the way I like cotton candy: a confection of next to no substance, but sweet, nonetheless. (A word of quick trivia: Tuesday Weld was an early casting choice for the title role, but she turned it down.)

However, I love the television series, based on the film, which aired on ABC from September 15, 1965 through April 21, 1966. It was one of the network's first color programs. An adorable young lady named Sally Field took the role of the surfer schoolgirl around whom shenanigans seem to flock. Field beat 75 girls out for the role, including actress Cindy Carol, who had already played Gidget in 1963's Gidget Goes To Rome!

Groovy Gidget is all over the Internet, should you wish to learn more about her. The Wikipedia entry for the television series is a good jumping point.

The theme song is one of the most memorable of all time, I think. Be forewarned: you'll be humming this to yourself all day after listening to it. Enjoy.


  1. I love Gidget's theme song! It puts me in a happy mood! :)

  2. I actually met "Moon-doggie" in person, twice. James Darren is without a doubt, the HANDSOMEST MAN I HAVE EVER SEEN IN LIFE! P.S. LOVED all the Gidget movies.