June 20, 2010

From 1965: The Beatles, The Way They Were Meant To Be Heard

Notice that this is a Capitol Records pressing, Beatles '65, which took elements of the British A Hard Day's Night and Beatles For Sale. By slicing and dicing the English records, Capitol realized that they could make even more albums for the American market, and therefore make more money.

This record was a staple in the Weiss house growing up. Dad used to listen to it all the time when he would do the nightly dinner dishes for Mom.

This is my all-time favorite Beatles song, if I had to choose. It is everything that makes the Beatles magical: a Lennon and McCartney harmony, great acoustic work from George, and wonderfully subtle drumming from Ringo that perfectly fits the mood of the song. "I'll Be Back" is a Lennon composition that is once again deceptively simple in its lyrics and construction. I especially love the bridge and the final lyric: "You. If you break my heart, I'll go, but I'll be back again."


  1. Hmm...the last 40 seconds or so aren't downloading.

  2. The Beatles mainstay from my childhood was a LP called Stars on Long Play that "mixed" about 30 seconds of several Beatles' songs back to back with a disco beat. I loved it!

  3. my son is 3 and can tell who the Beatles are when the come on the IPOD or radio. He loves them! We just got a kitten and I asked him what he wanted to name it and he said "Jude mommy, it has to be Jude"

  4. LUV LUV LUV this song, and I LUV that it's on vinyl not digital. Thanks for posting this!!!!