July 5, 2010

From 1965: The Braniff Airstrip

This world-famous ad touted the designs of Emilio Pucci for Braniff stewardesses. The airline debuted his outfits on cabin crews starting in 1965. Very fashion forward for its time!

Sexy? Sure. Suggestive? You better believe it. Effective? Incredibly. "The Braniff Airstrip" was one of the most effective campaigns ever, and remains a landmark in American advertising.

Braniff planes became more colorful in 1965, too. Declaring "the end of the plain plane," Braniff began to decorate its planes in bright, often fluorescent colors. Braniff ticket counters, gates, and lounges looked space-age and were painted with cheerful splashes of color. Largely the work of renowned designer Alexander Girard, Braniff facilities were spots of sunshine in the staid grey hallways of 1960s airports.

Braniff also had an odd looking monorail of sorts in place at Love Field in Dallas. Instead of a conventional train car, the "Jet-Rail" had its wheels and cables attached at the top, so the car was hanging down from the track. Passengers had the sensation, then, that they were already flying...or at the very least, hanging!

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  1. why don't they dress like this anymore?!