August 9, 2010

From 1968: Wondering Why This Isn't Like The Dream

This haunting song, a lament by John Phillips about the emptiness of fame and the Hollywood scene, as well as his increasing unhappiness that he was starting to blot out with heroin, is considered to be oddly prescient of the Manson murders, which would take place roughly one year after this song was released.

Indeed, the group was inextricably linked with the crimes. John and Michelle Phillips, along with Cass Elliott, were part of the same social circles to which the Tate victims, save for Steven Parent, belonged.

And shortly before the slayings, Michelle had a brief affair with Roman Polanski in London.

The first three mansions shown in the clip: the Italianate horror that currently stands, abandoned (again), on the site of the Tate murders (the former 10050 Cielo Drive); Jay Sebring's house, which was the former domicile of Jean Harlow and her husband, Paul Bern (who committed suicide there); and finally Sharon Tate's "love house," 10050 Cielo Drive.

"If you play the game, you pay the price...purchasing our piece of paradise..."

Honestly, this song really creeps me out.


  1. I graduated from high school in 1968 and it was just an incredible year news-wise (well, yes, other things happened than me getting out of school finally!). That song creeps me out, too, and is definitely not one of their better tunes although the thoughts behind the lyrics are interesting. Fame is such a double-edged sword and you would think that people would be prepared for the bad parts but guess ya just get dazzled by the GOOD parts. I certainly don't have to worry about either one, ha ha!

  2. The computer is acting up and I have no sound at the moment, but I've never heard of this song! I love Michelle Phillips passionately (she's the musical equivalent of Tuesday Weld, as far as I'm concerned)but I had no idea she had some fun with Polanski, on the side.
    And the picture from the previous post haunts me terribly. Sharon was too good for the world. So were her poor friends.

  3. Rob, what happened to you on my blogroll? I just re-added you...sorry about that :(

    I adore Michelle Phillips, too. I think I will do a weeklong tribute to her very soon.

    About Sharon? I am somewhat obsessed with the Tate-LaBianca slayings, because I cannot wrap my mind around them, and I think about those victims a lot. They haunt me in my dreams.