September 19, 2010

From 1982: A Clip Full Of Awesome From The Valley Of The Sun

Phoenix, Arizona. random super 8 movies shot by 15 yr old Timothy Ralston. Some starring 9 yr old Andrew Ralston. 5301 E. Fellars Drive, Scottsdale. Circa 1982. Contains: Driving to Phoenix airport from near Paradise Valley Mall. N. 52 St. Lots of Benny Hill type sped up Shenanigans. The song is "Twilight" from the album "Time" by Electric Light Orchestra.

Laura's Note: my favorite YouTube video of all time. Enjoy.


  1. That was fabulous. I'm a sucker for low-tech artistry.

  2. I just find something wonderfully endearing about it. Like a glimpse of my own childhood, or something.