December 11, 2010

From 1983: A Gem Starring The Brothers Gibb, A Magnificent Sex Bomb Named Cynthia Rhodes, And Barry Gibb's Luxurious Mane Of Hair

Lucky that there was a roving band of incredibly hot Mad Max-esque female dancers to back up the lovely Miss Rhodes!

This song suffers from the same ailment that so many others of its era did: Greg Ham Syndrome. So named for the saxophone player in Men at Work, Greg Ham Syndrome refers to the compulsion to stick a sax solo into your song because the Men did it so successfully.


  1. You are like my hero with your videos recently. I keep posting them to Facebook bec. the world (or at least my friends) should know. xoxo

  2. And how is it that we aren't friends on FB? Rex, I love ya! We should be FB friends, too.