February 23, 2011

From 1958: What My Alternate Universe Looks Like

This film introduces Boeing 707 jet service on Pan American World Airways.

I long to live in this more civilized world; certainly I was born several decades too late.

On that note, allow me to tell you that I admire the spacious "powder rooms" on this jet the most. Remind to tell you guys sometime about the time Ken and I flew home from Singapore via Tokyo and Minneapolis, 21+ hours of flight time, as I suffered from a raging case of the stomach flu. I started feeling ill in Changi Airport and it all went downhill from there. Even though we were in First Class on all three flights home, it was still miserable.


  1. Why yes, I'll have drinks, appetizers and a large lobster tail. Yum.

    Those bathrooms are awesome! However, I think the mom in the 3 to a row seats put her makeup on really badly.

    Oh sure, we all play chess while flying. We're so proper!

  2. Can you imagine? My husband Ken flew on Pan Am in 1986 across the pond and he said that the food was delicious then, too. Maybe not like what is pictured above, but he had a lovely flight. Ken also reports that the "hump" on their 747 was a cocktail lounge, complete with sophisticated live piano music.

    I must say that The Flight Filled With Flu was on the now-defunct Northwest (RIP...we shall miss your service to Asia, NW), and we were treated very well. The food was pretty good and plentiful. You could choose from a Western-style or Japanese menu. I appreciated access to Japanese soup to spell me. There was also a delicious chicken noodle soup in the NW lounge at MSP. I think it may have actually saved my life at that point, because I was so weary and ill and just longing for my home and my bed. That soup helped me to rally.

  3. Loved the shot of the helpful stewardess lighting the passanger's cigarette. Oh well, as L.P. Hartley wrote in THE GO-BETWEEN: "The past is a different country. They do things differently there."