February 15, 2011

Today's A Good Day For New Blogging Friends!

Discover Like...Dreamsville

Skipper Bartlett's one hep cat who is running a blog that might just be a little too cool for the bunch of perennially unemployed alcoholic rabble who populate these environs. (I kid, I kid...well, actually that's an accurate description for me, except the alcoholic moniker; I drink like an Irish person, okay? Just paying homage to my ancestors.)

This is for you, Skipper...The Journeymen were the house band at the hungry i in the early 60s.

Did anyone else ever have a voice as beautiful as Scott McKenzie's?

1 comment:

  1. Dig! Tuesday Weld is thee most. But, like, she's always bringing poor Dobie down. Thanks for the link. I'll add you to my blogroll as well. Cool stuff chicky!