April 3, 2011

What The Hell You Got, 1968, That Makes You Damn Superior?

I've got commercials, brother!


  1. I'd love to try one of those Polaroid cameras. And pipeline building never seemed so fun - how they got anything done with all that smoking tho...Platformate? WTF?

    I remember when getting a color tv was a big deal. I do wonder how some sodas sold back then - some of the jingles were awful!

    That woman certainly needs Geritol...she was barely moving. And the Aqua Velva ad just makes me nauseous.

    But memories? We took my dads super8mm camera everywhere and made stupid movies.

    Thanks for the walk down my childhood!

  2. Look how sweet and pretty the girl in the Polaroid commercial is. Just pretty and natural and lovely.

    My best childhood friend, Suzanne, had an older brother Jeff, who had a best friend, Matt. Jeff and Matt used to make movies with their old little movie camera in the seventies, mainly to entertain Suzanne and me...and we would roar with laughter. I wonder if any of those cherished "Jeff/Matt Movies" (their clever name for their production company) have survived the decades.

  3. Wow, why don't WE have cameras with "Transistors" in them? They sound so advanced.

    No wonder I don't have the energy to install my flooring. I don't smoke Viceroy.

    Hey, don't knock "platformate" Barbra. It was the only way we could tell one gas from another.
    Do you think they left the other guy stranded in Yellowstone, or did the first car go back and get him?

    What? We actually made T.V.s in this county at one time???

    Poor Pepsi. This must have been before they discovered the "Pepsi generation" and the cute kid with thee puppies.

    Isn't that Bert Lahr in the devil costume commercial?

    Aqua Velva - The "AX" of the last generation.

    You know, the woman with the iron poor blood is only 38.

    Thanks for this look at how things change and how they stay the same.

  4. Lacey...I am digging your comments. Welcome to the blog! :)