May 13, 2011

From 1979: Linda Lavin? Bonnie Franklin? Burt "Bat" Campbell's TV Wife?

I can't take all of this Pure Unadulterated Television Goodness, you guys.

From ABC, April 1979.

True Laura Linger Fact: I have long aspired to be a wise-crackin' single mom just like Bonnie Franklin as Ann Romano on One Day At A Time. However, the adoption agencies tell me that this is not reason enough to give Ken and me a baby. Even the Ukrainian ones say that! In Ukrainian!

I wonder what song Linda Lavin "sang" (cringe) on The Hal Linden Special.


  1. Love it! And what a groovy trio of gals for Mr. Linden's TV special. Also, Ms. Lavin can sing pretty well - she sang in the 1966 Broadway musical, It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman, the 1990 Broadway revival of Gypsy, the theme song of her TV series, and she's currently appearing in the Kennedy Center production of Sondheim's Follies.

  2. Oh, you'll never make a fan of Linda Lavin's singing out of me...but I find her so damned awesome in every other way, it doesn't matter. (The place that was "Mel's Diner" still stands even today. I just saw it on Tuesday when I went downtown on business.)

    Bonnie Franklin is/was a decent singer, too...found her fame in 1970's APPLAUSE.

  3. Laura, you should listen to Linda Lavin sing "You've Got Possibilities" from Superman. I think you would like it. As for Bonnie, I love her on the cast recording of Applause.

  4. Oh I love this! I always had a little crush on Hal Linden, he seems so classy :)

  5. hey that short Charlie's Angels flash reminded me of those good times I spent at home watching good Television, unfortunately all that has changed, but now I have TCM :)