May 21, 2011

From 1980: Marathon Looks Just Put On...Until Cover Girl Discontinues It In 2011

Truly one of the greatest waterproof mascaras ever created, Cover Girl inexplicably discontinued the Marathon product, much to the dismay of millions of loyal users (including myself).

In fact, the first mascara I ever owned was a tube of Marathon, in 1982.

Here's an ad with the lovely Cindy Harrell with the memorable jingle (you'll know it as soon as you hear it, Seventies Kids).

I miss models. I am sick of celebrities being venerated to an even higher social status by having them sell me every little thing. I don't care what mascara Rihanna uses. Christie Brinkley, yes. Beyonce', no.

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  1. God I love the flashbacks you bring me! :)