May 15, 2011

From 1982: In Honor Of Me Doin' My Roots

Sunday afternoons are made for hair coloring.

Back when I was a student at Purdue, I was a Miss Clairol girl. I used Golden Apricot and Spring Honey to bleach my naturally brown hair a bright golden hue.

I'm doing my roots as I type this. Now I use Clairol Professional from Sally Beauty in Dark Neutral Blonde. I do my own hair color not just to save money...I think it's a lot of fun!


  1. Anonymous15 May, 2011

    Just took a look at your profile. You are very pretty!

  2. Love it! I colored my hair on Sunday too but must be doing it wrong as I can't seem to make it fun!

  3. Well, Eartha, git yer arse over here to my house and the fun shall commence! Hint: controlled substances contribute greatly to my "fun factor."

    Anonymous: what a sweet thing to say. Thank you!

  4. I keep screwing with my hair too. It's perfect out of the box, fades instantly upon shampoo. GAH.

    I wish we all lived closer. I see a Sunday Girls Night happening.