September 14, 2011

What This (And Every) Blog Needs: More Campbell's Soup


If there's anything I like more than morbidly obese animated children extolling the virtues of My Canned Childhood (we ate a lot of Campbell's in my house growing up), it's using wink-wink nudge-nudge stereotypes about Scottish people to sell soup. "It's thrifty, too...aye, you can add seven or eight cans of water to that soup to make it stretch farther!"

Have you had your soup today?


  1. Um... OK, those kids weren't "morbidly obese." Sorry, but no.

    But then, yeah. We had Campbell's a lot as kids, too. Especially (shudder) the cream of tomato soup. Ick. (The wife makes it from scratch. Kind of awesome.)

    And those commercials didn't change for a decade. I remember them from "Wonderful World of Disney."

  2. I haven't had a can of Campbell's soup in ages...thanks in part to my server job where we have 4 different homemade soups to choose from. Yum! Creamy chicken florentine!