October 1, 2011

From 1964: A Bunch of Ads from The Lucy Show

I especially like the spot for Lux soap.

And dear Lord, can you even imagine what that "Awake" beverage must have tasted like? 


  1. Jello - with new fresh fruit taste! What, they changed the formula from old spoiled fruit taste?

    Ever had Tang? Awake was similar.

    "A woman is born to softness, and that's the way it is...a soft and magic creature some man will call his..."

    Are you fucking kidding me? And did she have an orgasm while washing her face?

    Country Fresh Flavor from synthetic food products!!

  2. DiscoDollyDeb02 October, 2011

    Because these were Lucy Show ads, I was assuming that AWAKE tasted like Vitameatavegamin.

  3. Yes, my mom actually liked Awake and she agrees that it was a lot like tang. Does anyone here remember what "space food sticks" tasted like?

  4. Space Food Sticks tasted like a cross between a Tootsie Roll and a chocolate PowerBar

  5. First off, remember the rip off that came out in the 80's, "Life with Laura" and then it became "I Love Laura", and then "The Laura Show"...oh well, I am going to have to find my video tapes of that show.

    Re AWAKE! My mom used to by that - it was a frozen concentrate Orange Juice (but it might have had a ton of sugar and god knows what all in it) - I remember that my sister and I loved it!

    1. Side note: When Lucille Ball considered ending the show that year and focus on running Desilu Productions (as sole owner--she bought out Desi Arnaz's share two years before), TV's biggest advertiser, Proctor & Gamble, insisted that CBS go to the negotiation table and make her an offer she couldn't refuse...otherwise, they would pull all their advertising from the network (and I believe that would have included the soap operas they produced). You can see they weren't her sponsor (Lux soap was Lever Brothers)--but if she left, the top-rated, P&G sponsored PETTICOAT JUNCTION would have been moved into her time slot, and they didn't want that.

      Dream Whip was just do-it-yourself Cool Whip, and I imagine Awake! tasting like Sunny Delight.