June 23, 2012

From 1974: The Geezer Edition

I'm back.  These days, I'm not blogging as often as I was, but I'm still around.  Thanks to those of you who dropped me a line and asked where I was.  Would you believe me if I told that I was in jail?

You would?

Okay, then.

From August 8, 1974, and the broadcast of NBC Nightly News, and the coverage of "the ordeal of President Nixon."  Take five minutes for yourself, and take things back to Watergate.  The pants were plaid, the news viewers were old and crotchety and opinionated, and the country was going to hell in a handcart being driven by a bunch of rich white men.  Everything old is new again, I guess.  Except for maybe the plaid pants.

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