November 24, 2012

From September 1967: Beatle Cartoons Theme, Season Three

A curious mix of the "old" Beatles look, 
with the "Sergeant Pepper" changes.

John Lennon did not like this song, "And Your Bird Can Sing," referring to it as a "throwaway."

The signature dual-harmony electric lead guitar parts were played live (without overdubbing) by Harrison and McCartney. Lennon played the rhythm in the "D major" position with the capo on the 2nd fret (to account for the song being in the key of E).

An excellent article about The Beatles cartoon series.

Both John Lennon and George Harrison were big fans of the show, and there is a persistent rumor that John and George provided their own voices to at least one episode of the cartoon series...uncredited, of course.

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  1. Thanks!! My mom and I used to watch this show when I was about 4-5.