January 12, 2013

From 1955: Sniffles and Sneezes

Hey everybody:

Thanks for the warm wishes that some of you sent to me, wondering if I was okay.  The truth is, I wasn't.  I had the flu for the better part of December, including over the Christmas holiday.  It morphed into Whooping Cough, which was scary and awful.  It also thoroughly kicked my ass.  I am only just now starting to feel human again.

Let's take this as a learning opportunity and watch an educational film about the spread of viruses from 1955, Sniffles and Sneezes.

"Medicine...but only those that your doctor prescribes.  No others."  Don't take any of those beatnik remedies!

Stay healthy, my sweets.

Love, Laura

p.s. If you only watch a few seconds of this clip, make it at the six-minute mark.  It's the 1950s: children were already terrorized by The Red Menace.  Why not fill their nightmares with visions of deadly diseases, too?

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