January 18, 2013

The Cows And The Chickens Are Goin' To The Dickens!

In our house when I was a girl, TV dinners were a real treat.  Because my parents were hippie-ish, organic enthusiasts long before it was fashionable to be that way, we didn't get a whole lot of fast food or junk treats.  If we had TV dinners, it meant that Mom and Dad were going out on a date, a babysitter was coming over, and The Muppet Show would be on as we ate in front of the television set (the treat to end all treats!).  

And if I close my eyes and really try, I can still smell my mother's White Shoulders perfume.


  1. I remember those from the 1960s ! --reader

  2. The Muppets *and* a tv dinner! Bliss! A lovely reminiscence, thank you.

  3. That's what it meant at my house too!