January 14, 2013

When Acne-Plagued Teenagers Are Shunned From Hootenannies And Other Such Wholesome, Non-Pimply Activities

I'd place the date on this ad as being between 1961 and 1964.

Even network television got in on the Hootenanny trend:

My favorite of the Hootenanny groups was The Journeymen, which was Dick Weissman, Scott McKenzie, and John Phillips. 

This was filmed in the fall of 1963.


  1. By the time the Journeymen appeared on HOOTENANNY, most of the big name folk artists, like Dylan, Baez, and Peter Paul & Mary, were boycotting the show, since ABC wouldn't allow Pete Seeger to appear, citing his "Communist sympathies"

    Even the American Dairy Association rode the folk boom...there was a print ad at the time of a mother in her kitchen, playing a guitar. The caption was "Could you write a protest song about your family's eating habits?"

  2. Oh, Anonymous...I wish I knew who you were, so I could ask your permission to use your comment as the basis for another Hootenanny post. You're so right, about all of it. I'm going to make Hootenanny stuff a sort of regular thing around here, please let me know if you want to contribute. I would be so pleased. -laura XOXOXOXO