February 25, 2013

From 1970: Gram Parsons Was A Genius

The best-known version of this song, "Wild Horses," is by The Stones, of course. However, the song was originally given to Gram Parsons by Keith Richards as a gift.

Gram...what can I say about him?  He had the voice of an angel and the soul of a tortured poet.  His life was a Tennessee Williams play.  He loved his drink and his drugs and American music in its purest forms.  His was a shattered soul, his voice about hopeful unreasonable love, and those hopes dashed on the ground.

He was far too beautiful for this world.

Gram Parsons



  1. Thank you for posting this. Gram Parsons is so largely forgotten today. Love this version of Wild Horses.

  2. He was an angel sent to us from heaven. There is something about Gram's voice and person that was very, very special.

  3. Oh, and I almost forgot: this version of "Wild Horses" was a demo. A demo.