February 14, 2013

Someone's In The Kitchen With Bob Dole

For Ken, the one person on the planet who gets it when I suddenly sing, "When Johnny comes marching home again," and will answer, "He's gay!  He's gay!"

That's a good man right there, and I had the smarts to get myself hitched to him.

Happy Valentine's Day.

 October 1992
Sigma Tau Gamma hay ride and dance 
 If you look really closely (and can get past those eyebrows!), you can see that I am wearing Ken's fraternity lavalier (his fraternity letters, in silver, descending down as a pendant), which he had just given me.  He hid it in an Eli's chocolate chip cheesecake.

I wore the lavalier on our wedding day.


  1. Eyebrows, nothing. Girl, I'm too busy looking at that PERM! lol

  2. *laughing* I know! I know! I was the very height of Purdue College Girl Fashion, let me assure you. I shudder to think of the many stinky chemicals I had placed so close to my brain in order to achieve the spirals, and I had to do it like every three months. For my readers from Lafayette (you know who you are), I used to go to the Hairman on the Levee to have it done. Then we'd go across the street to Pepe's for watered-down margaritas and chips and salsa :)

  3. Laura Beth, you were an absolute knockout. Straight guys don't care about perms or eyebrows, believe me. I always thought you were a real doll. But you always had a boyfriend! LOL God I feel old!

  4. T, that always kills me when I find stuff like that out. I never thought I was pretty or good enough or anything at all.