February 16, 2013

The Felt-Up Files: Moments In Love

Oh yes, on the couch with Josh M., it was October 1987, and we're in Sarah T.'s basement rec room.  I remember I was wearing the Benetton sweater that I got for my 17th birthday a few days earlier.  

"Benetton, nice." Josh said, partly into my lips, partly into my cheek.  I guess he saw the tag, or something, when I moved to his lap.

"Birthday," I whispered.  I kicked off my shoes.

"Oh, right," he murmured.   "Happy birthday."

"Thanks," I said.   The word had no sound.


Here's "Moments In Love," by Art of Noise, the song of choice for Making Out in those days.

This is not the official cut of the song, but it's my favorite arrangement, with the piano interlude at the beginning.
Have a wonderful Saturday night, everyone
...may you all get felt up tonight.


p.s.  The Eighties were a FABULOUS time to be young.


  1. If you don't write erotica, you should. That first bit you wrote is sexy as hell. I could picture it all, and when you play the music and read it WOW!

  2. Thanks, T. You're a pervert, though, so what in the hell would you know? ;-) I enjoyed writing that bit. It was a good exercise. Sometimes I think good writing is what you don't say.

    I heard through the grapevine that Josh M. died of cancer a couple of years back.

  3. Can't hold a candle to 60's and 70's music though.... Plus bad hair and leg warmers are what stands out about the 80's for me!

  4. kabuki loves this song. always wanted to make out to it.