May 12, 2013

From 1977: Weekends Were Made For Cheryl Ladd

My beauty idol, that is.  And my favorite Angel.  And the star of that really great TV movie where Cheryl gets busted for drugs with her boyfriend, is put in prison, and becomes besties with a young Angela Bassett.

I can't approve of lovely Cheryl being subjected to the terror of a hideous clown to sell beer.  Memo to the 1977 Powers That Be At Michelob: Clowns are never a good idea, especially when you have a beauty like Cheryl Ladd in your commercial.

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  1. Anonymous02 July, 2013

    Can't estimate the number of times that I have dashed up & down the middle of Lombard Street at about midnight during visits to San Fran. It must be at least thrice for each decade starting in the 1960s. ( Always had to be ready to jump to the sidewalk, though, if a car entered, but that was rare at that hour. ) & Ghirardelli Square ! Saw the newly refurbished Square when it premiered in the mid-1960s. &, on 1 visit, encountered & joined a small, impromptu anti-Vietnam-War protest there ( probably 1970s ) . --reader