May 29, 2015

From 1967: The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous (And The Commercial That Made My Heart Go A-Flutter)

Somebody get me that time machine, because this is the version of adulthood in which I want to live.

Just two career gals...Sally and Janet, we'll call them...two bachelor gals living together in their own fifth-floor walk-up apartment, in The Big City, and all that that implies.  

They don't plan on being in the secretarial pool at Dewey, Cheatem, and Thensome forever, of course.  In fact, they both have great hopes for the two young go-getters from the accounting department at the office...Stan and Hal, we'll call them...who are coming around for chips and dip and maybe a lively game of Scrabble, perhaps a bit of dancing to the records Sally and Janet so carefully set out on the Hi-Fi.  Everyone likes Stan Getz, right?  Sure they do.  And that "Corcovado" song is just right for slow dancing, should things go well.

Carefully coiffed, nine thousand gallons of hairspray used between the two of them to lacquer their looks into place, Sally and Janet are no floozies.  Sure, they're modern girls, and both like a good time.  They'll invite a suitor or two into their apartment for some laughs.  But try some Funny Business, and you'll be shown the door.  A girl has to have morals, after all, even if it is the Space Age.  Men don't buy the cow when they can drink the milk for free!

Or, apparently, drink mind-boggling amounts of Schlitz.  I don't think neither Stan nor Hal are very marriage-minded at all, bringing that much beer to the party like Sally and Janet are a couple of good-time floozies!  A girl always prefers pretty flowers to a couple of six-packs, fellas!

"Can you believe that Stan?  He tried to cop a feel while we were dancing!"  Sally huffed, as she took off her pearls.

"And he seemed like such a doll at the Christmas party," said Janet.  Then she sighed, unhooked her left stocking, and daintily yanked it from her leg.

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  1. If "The Most Interesting Man in the World" showed up with some Dos Equis in tow, things might have turned out different! Great post. I love those old commercials - especially the jingles!