January 24, 2008

Good Morning From Cambodia, And A "Sickened Grimace" Update

The water is incredibly green here, and very choppy! I am usually not prone to seasickness, but I am wondering about the tender ride to shore with such waves. Cambodia is a bit off in the distance; I can see the shore, beckoning to us weary cruisers, if I crane my neck a bit to the right whilst standing on our balcony.

Ken is having a very sleepy morning, so I decided to come here and be robbed and raped a bit more (the prices for Internet access are beyond outrageous...fifty-five cents per minute!). We are just going to take it easy today, have a relaxing sunny day on the beach. The weather has been wonderful, by the way. We had a large thunderstorm lash the ship last night as we made our way from Thailand to Cambodia. I awoke during it, and I admit that it was a little scary! But today brings us bright sunny skies, and wonderful warm water, and I look forward to seeing that knucklehead I married frolic in the waves. He LOVES the beach.

"Sickened Grimace" Update: we got the proofs for the photographs that were taken when I was, um, not feeling my absolute best. Three of the four were decent shots, but the fourth is really spectacular, actually. It is a beautiful picture of the two of us, if I do say so myself. Go figure.

I hope that all is well with all of you. I am starting to really miss the cats, so I guess that it is good that we are heading home soon.