January 24, 2008

My Husband And I Went To Cambodia, And All I Got Was This Stupid Blog

Maybe I should look into making a living as a psychic.

Green, choppy waters make for a green, choppy Me. I lasted about five minutes, awaiting other passengers, on that little boat that makes the runs to and from the ship and shore. The terrible rocking of the boat, coupled with the indeterminate wait, made me quite ill.

I sent Ken on to Cambodia, though. There is no sense in him being bound to this vessel because his wife tossed her cookies. I know that he really wanted to go to Cambodia and I would never want to deny him that, especially for such a predictable reason: my grumpy stomach.

I am upset, though: to miss an entire country on the cruise just because I cannot handle the seasickness! What does give me a little bit of solace is that I am certainly not alone in my suffering. The ship is packed with people who cannot or will not brave the waves in those smaller tenders. Even this big old boat is rocking back and forth quite a bit at anchor.

Partly out of boredom, partly to take my mind off my stomach, and partly because it's the way I roll, I did manage to give myself a pedicure back in our suite. Green water, green face, sexy toenails. Essie's Ballet Slippers. Perhaps the greatest color ever created, and it's hardly a color at all.

Off to get some lemonade in the Windjammer Cafe. It's been a real saving grace for me when I am seasick.

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