January 26, 2008

I'm Tired And Longing For Home

It's our last night on this ship, and Ken is at dinner with the companions with whom he has become so chummy; I just spent an hour with Lily Bart and Laurence Selden and a gaggle of Noisy Slavics Of Undetermined Origin who felt it necessary to commemorate our last evening as fellow travelers by shouting as loud as humanly possible. When I had arrived in the lounge and located my little nook, it was one of the few places on the boat that was quiet. Removed from the constant Too Much. I've officially had too much of the Too Much. I just wanted to read and be by myself and more importantly, Away From Others...a state of being that is in short supply on a cruise.

But no, they came into the lounge and made merry, so I left. It has just confirmed to me that I am ready to return home, home to my cats and my couch and my fuzzy green blanket and my mailbox and my car. Home, where my thoughts can be quiet along with my surroundings. Home, where I can make miso soup with scallions and tofu and eat bowls of it all day long, at my leisure.

We depart the ship tomorrow morning at 6:00am. No reason given for the ungodliness of the hour. We packed up our things this afternoon. After departing the boat, we are spending two days in Singapore. I am looking forward to it, and I am sure that being away from all of this Too Much on this ship will give me fresh resolve and the enthusiasm that I usually hold for travel.

Still, I will not be volunteering my seat for any of our flights home, no matter how tempting the deal may be from the airline. Two days in Singapore will be great, I am sure, but it's time to go home.

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