June 9, 2008

Now I Know What To Ask Ken For When My Birthday Rolls Around

What's NOT to love about this album cover?  From the man wearing a mesh tank top and cutoffs to the woman's alluring winged eyeshadow and dark roots, from his Ron Jeremy moustache to her artfully hiding the track marks that no doubt adorn her scrawny pasty forearms, from the furniture and decor that looks like it belongs in the office of some shady unsavory Hollywood "agent" you would see in some ABC Afterschool Special starring Bert Convy as the pervert and all of the rejected girls from the first season of The Facts Of Life to the "explicitly illustrated" how-to book that you know were sketched by the same guy who did The Joy Of Sex and made all the dudes have hippie beards and all the chicks have hairy armpits...it's perfection.
I must own it.  It belongs in a frame on the wall of my living room.

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