May 31, 2008

Life's Most Important Lessons...As Taught To Us By The Monkees

Now, anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I think The Monkees are the greatest thing since the invention of the #3 Extra Value Meal with an extra-large Mountain Dew Code Red at Taco Bell.

If I am ever feeling low, or when I am feeling sick, or when I am feeling low about feeling sick, I can turn my Monkees episodes on our Apple TV and I guarantee that, within a couple of minutes, I will be laughing at least a little bit, and my world will look a little brighter.

Seriously, folks.  Not only was their music terrific (and yes, there are several albums where they play their own instruments, next cliche, please), the television show itself is hilarious. Much wittier and more clever than it was ever given credit for.

So without further ado, life's most important taught to us by The Monkees.

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