July 10, 2008

Stormy Weather

The monsoon season has started here in Arizona.
The humidity is high during the day,
and the temperatures just dropped about twenty degrees.
Quite a wind has kicked up. It should be raining any second.

Cacti are remarkable plants. Look at the deadened portions of this old timer.
Now look at the bottom, with all of his new young upstarts.
There's also brand-new growth at the top of long arms.

Some of our backyard flowers remain open during the storms.
They tremble with the violence of Mother Nature, but they perservere.
Others close their blooms and brace themselves against the wind and rain.


  1. Those are great pictures! Did you take them with your new camera?

  2. Anonymous12 July, 2008

    did you finally get rain? do you get flooding out there?

  3. Yes, we had violent thunderstorms and flash flooding.

    I took the photos with my new Nikon, yes. Love that camera very much; it is very good for my needs.