July 7, 2008

Well, That's Enough Conspicuous Consumption To Spell Us For Another Year Or So

Had a splendid time. Ate too much, gambled too much, shopped too much (if there is such a thing), walked miles and miles across patterned carpet to the chirps and flashes of slot machines.

It's so much fun...for a time. We are glad to be home, though. It's good to see the cats.

Just a few photos for right now.

Ken met baseball great Pete Rose while we were at Caesar's Palace:

Because we were staying at The Venetian, we were just a stone's throw from Wynn, a casino we had never visited before. The landscaping there is stunning. However, it was so hot outside, the cooling effect of the waterfalls was almost nonexistent, and we were actually kind of bathed in steam!

Wynn is a very, very upscale place. Think Chanel, Gucci, Oscar de la Renta. I was also delighted to find a Jo Malone shop, and I did buy a bottle of her marvelous Grapefruit scent.

What impressed us the most at Wynn? The delicate, intricate mosaics embedded in the marble floors. I photographed them quite a bit. Skipping the flash really enabled me to capture the color and detail; even then, I caught some shine from the lights above.

The Venetian is a splendid place to stay. We loved it. Ken surprised me with a suite. 16 years together, 12 years married, and that man still is full of surprises.

Here, he relaxes in our room, primarily because he felt compelled to watch the huge flatscreen television that was mounted on the wall (the suite had three televisions: one in the bed area, one in the lounge, and one in the palatial bathroom). We were up on the 19th floor.

We grabbed a quick dinner yesterday, before departing for the airport, at an old favorite: The Noodle Shop at Mandalay Bay.

Unfortunately, it was not nearly as good as we remembered it being. The broths were weak, my noodles were a bit stuck together, and the elements of the soups (beef, onions, seasonings) were very skimpy.

We still had a lovely time, though, and it was a relaxing end to a relaxing trip. I'm wearing a silver locket that Ken bought for me at Brighton. Those shops are all over the place in Vegas. I was surprised when I looked at this picture; my hair is longer than I even realized. I have been growing it out for a while now.

At the airport, Ken just had to try his luck one more time, at a nickel slot machine right outside our gate! I especially had to capture that great sign affixed to the machine. Such a stern admonition for city devoted entire to the pursuit of fun.


  1. Anonymous07 July, 2008

    Hey! You made it through an entire trip to Vegas and didn't get sick!

  2. I know! Astonishing, isn't it? :-)

    Seriously, I give all the credit to Emergen-C drinks that are loaded with vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C; I drank 'em the whole time I was there. I also don't drink alcohol, so there's that. I also didn't smoke one cigarette while I was there, as I have totally given the nicotine sticks the "heave ho" in my life. That really helped me, too.

  3. Anonymous07 July, 2008

    You both look so happy together. Ken grins from ear to ear when you are in the picture with him. I love your longer hair, too.

  4. I don't know the guy but from your blog and your pictures, but I think I would really like Ken. He just seems so goofy and funny.

  5. Trust me, you'd like him.

  6. Anonymous07 July, 2008

    That photo of the two of you at the noodle place is a keeper. What a nice shot of you two.

  7. Anonymous07 July, 2008

    p.s. I tried to use OpenId, but I can't get it to work here.

  8. bitch, I don't give a rat's ass about the good time you had, I wanna hear about the junk you bought!

  9. Patience, my pet. It takes a long-ass time to list all the goodies I scored at the MAC Pro Store and Sephora.

    And yes, I know we have a Sephora, several of 'em, here in the Valley, but I don't care. The one at the Venetian shops is better. So there.

    I also want to tell you all about the wonderful experience I had at Jo Malone. So many samples and freebies. It was fabulous.

    I've never seen thedirty website before. Have been laughing out loud at the photos of the Scottsdale 30k millionaires. Brilliant stuff.

  10. Correction:

    That is the greatest website I have ever seen.

    Thanks a million for stopping by.

  11. guess who07 July, 2008

    Those are all really nice pictures. I like your hair dark and longer, too.

  12. fellow valley blogger07 July, 2008

    You look like you have lost some weight. Because you have been so sick? I think you look so lovely and Ken looks so happy! Wonder why. Snicker.

  13. Anonymous07 July, 2008

    Laura, regarding the Emergen-C: do you use the packets? If so, what flavors do you like?

  14. Oh, yes, I use the packets and only the packets. Ken and I have made a commitment to stop drinking bottled water (well, not as much, sometimes you can't help it when you are out on the road, so at least here at home). I was actually disappointed that the company started making bottled drinks. Oh well. There's a fight you simply cannot win.

    I really like the Cranberry flavor, the Lemon Lime and Tangerine are both really good, too. I'm interested in trying their newer products that cover stuff like MSM and joint health.

    I love the stuff, no, I am not on their payroll, I am just happy to find a vitamin preparation that doesn't cause my grumpy stomach major problems.


  15. Your friendly American Airlines 757 Captain07 July, 2008

    I'm a pilot who happened upon your blog to read about American Eagle 4184. That was at least a year ago and I have been a regular ever since. Finally wanted to leave a comment about Emergen-C. I swear by the stuff and so do many of my fellow flight crews at American. One of the FAs turned me onto the stuff when I was having persistent sinus problems. I just couldn't seem to get well and I actually had to call out for a couple of flights. Now I have the packages with me in my flight bag at all times and I just mix it up right there at the airport before my flight. My sinuses have been 100% better and I notice that I don't get as many colds, either. I also will swear that it eases my jet lag and I know many other people at American who fly for a living who feel the same way about this miracle product. Keep writing, I really enjoy the blog and consider your write-up of 4184 to be the definitive webpage about the crash.

  16. Anonymous10 July, 2008

    Laura, you are such a pretty lady.

  17. Anonymous10 July, 2008

    What was Pete Rose like?

  18. He was incredibly sweet and gracious. When he found out that Ken's wife was a Cincinnati Girl, he wanted to know what high school Mom and Dad went to, and at what hospital I was born!

  19. I adore Jo Malone. I wear the floral Tuberose or the very strong Wild Fig and Cassis. You look terrific in the photo. You both look very happy.