October 31, 2008

For This Halloween: The Single Most Frightening, Sickening, And Altogether Scarifying Thing I Can Conjure

Happy Halloween!


  1. [runs into closest closet, curls up into fetal position with thumb securely in mouth, and hums the theme to "Riptide" while shaking his head back and forth like Dustin Hoffman's autistic freakout in Rainman]


    Thanks for the freakin' clown.

    Not going to get much sleep tonight now.

    SHUD. DER!!

  2. I know! I tried to find something conventionally spooky for today, and truly, I found nothing more frightening than this hideous clown.

    I was not joking around in the title.

    Clowns must be shot on sight.

  3. there is a store in my neighborhood that sells John Wayne Gacy originals.
    This ad is even more frightening.