October 30, 2008

People Magazine, March 17, 1980: Valerie Bertinelli, Mackenzie Phillips, And Bonnie Franklin's Boob

Not to mention the weird positioning of Bonnie's legs toward Mackenzie's.  It is eerily reminiscent of Miss Garrison's scissor-legs sexual awakening on South Park.

I also love the unintentional hilarity of putting "The Nobel Sperm Bank" right next to Mackenzie's ass.  Uh, not quite...unless by "Nobel," you mean "pretty much all of her junkie father's rock n' roll buddies, including Mick Jagger, who seduced her when she was only ten years old."


  1. I thought Bonnie Franklin needed a bra then, and now I know I was right. If she was trying to make a social statement, it never exactly worked.

  2. Oh crap...I just realized. I owned that sweater. Damn I am old. LOL.

    [and it was impossible to wear with a bra, btw - but then again I am about as chesty as B.F. so no worries..it wasn't much of a "looky loo". :D]

    word verification: MICKS [ha!]